The Mirion CSP™ (Mirion Canberra Smart Probes)
family offers a fully integrated solution for handheld
health physics.

Mirion offers dose rate and survey meters for a wide range of users and probes to suit many applications. Generally, health physics users like to invest in one particular instrument so
training and expertise can be maximized. All Mirion CSP probes can be “hot-plugged” to any Mirion survey meter without the need to power down or re-calibrate the instrument.
CSP probes are self-contained, encompassing all necessary measurement components (high voltage, amplifier, discriminator and signal processing). Therefore, each probe is separately calibrated and set up to match a dedicated application, and all probes are compatible with any CSP survey meter without any further specific setup required.
The innovative electronic design embedded within PMT based CSP probe drives extremely efficient power consumption that is approximately ten times lower than that of conventional probes. This design supports direct connection to a laptop USB port for daily checks and/or calibration, using CSP software which enables the host instrument to remain in use. The CSP Family offers digital communication and therefore no critical measurement
component relies on cable quality. CSP probes can easily be used in third party systems via the CSP-PL™ programming library
that simplifies development and reduces time to its completion.

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