Portable X-ray Systems


Portable X-ray Systems

Portable and mobile X-ray inspection technology is used in many different ways from counter IED Operations, Customs and Border Protection, Prisons, to Counter surveillance.

These portable x-ray systems provide the ability to conduct x-ray inspections for the detection of explosives, drugs, contraband, and even small listening devices.

Our portable x-ray inspection systems have a proven track record with hundreds of systems deployed worldwide for over the past 15 years. Our advanced x-ray systems are designed work in adverse environments and are built to robust standards to ensure they will function correctly in any field conditions. In these times of terror and danger it is necessary to counter all of the different threats with a reliable high-tech portable x-ray solution.

We supply highly reliable and accurate portable x-ray systems that provide exceptional capabilities and features. With our partners, we are proud to contribute to a safer world and provide first responders the tools they need to accomplish their missions in the field.

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